Friday, March 03, 2006

Taste of Medicine, Anyone?

Via Romenesko, we see the shoe being placed firmly on the other foot in a memo from two Knight Ridder editors about the NYT and Washington Post failing to mention that KR had beaten them to the punch of a big story. To wit:

"First, in this post-Jayson Blair era, we believe newspapers must be more transparent then ever about the sources of their stories. That includes acknowledging when others have beaten us to a big story. The Washington Post and New York Times each failed this standard in recent weeks.

... So, why do we harp on this? Because the reporters who do the groundbreaking work deserve the credit. Because Knight Ridder, which invests substantially in this kind of original journalism, deserves the credit, even -- or perhaps especially -- in these trying times for all of us. And because the integrity of our profession, already under all-out assault from partisans, requires that we and others be honest with readers about how news originates."

Oh thank you Lord thank you! I'm having my ceremonial Friday Margaritas early. What? I can't hear you anymore 'cause I'm jamming at full volume. Yeah that's Van Halen's Dancing In the Street coming on right now. Sure y'all can come in. Pass that around, man. Whoa slow down. Sorry, I'm a married man. Hey come back, that's my wallet!

Ah well, it was still a good time. Herald editors and reporters, I hope you're taking this memo thing to heart. It cuts both ways. And it gives me ammunition. Oh, yes, sweet ammunition.

Speaking of Magnolias

In a Herald story today by Ashley Fantz, Steel Magnolia Ellyn Bogdanoff pushes a ridiculous idea to outlaw "cyber-bullying." It of course harkens back to the St. Thomas Aquinas/MySpace mess, wherein the school trampled all over their students free-speech rights. Fantz writes, "Private schools have more freedom." Yes, more freedom to crush freedoms. Why are the Sentinel and Herald -- and their reporters -- so knee-jerk in favor of persecuting kids on the Internet? I really don't get it.

The Story of the Day

Check out the opening paragraph on this Herald story today by David Ovalle: "Two teenage runaways thought they found a place to crash in Coconut Grove. But they ended up being forced to have sex around the clock for weeks with dozens of men for money and drugs, Miami police say."

So which was it? Did they do it because they were forced or because they wanted money and drugs? I suppose since it deals with confused teenaged girls it was a bit of both. And since they are underaged, it's a bit of a moot point. Later, Ovalle hits us with this stellar quote, from one of the suspect's brothers: ''I told him, `Bro, you gotta get rid of that girl.' He didn't listen.'' Alright, Story of the Day time, especially since it reminded me of the movie Thirteen, a flawed but undeniably compelling little flick I saw one late night on IFC. Hey, there wasn't much in the Big Three newspapers to choose from. Give me a better one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ashley Fantz is hawt.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Florida Pulp said...

New York Times to Knight Ridder: Suck it.

This from NYT "public editor" (whatever the hell that is) Byron Calame, again via Romenesko:

"I believe The Times’s March 2 article was based on 'a data analysis by The New York Times' that constituted original work. ...Bottom line, Clark, I don’t believe it was unethical of The Times not to refer to the earlier articles. So, as public editor, I won’t be urging the The Times to publish any acknowledgment of the K-R article."

7:28 AM  

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