Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pray for Little Noah

Broward County has a new star: 9-year-old Noah Applebaum, who is starring in a new series called Sons and Daughters. Sure y'all noticed the stories in Herald (by Diana Moscovitz) and the Sentinel (by Robert Nolin -- I can't link his story right now because the Sentinel web site, for the first time I've ever noticed, is down right now). Noah told Moscovitz what he did when he found out he'd landed the part: "'We screamed and said `Oh My God'"

An appropriate reaction. Obviously he was terrified as the images raced through his mind. Here's just a few of the spectres haunting the poor boy:

May God -- and Elizabeth Taylor -- be with him.

Shaw and Cheney Hang Up Broward County

This from Florida News: Not only did Clay Shaw show he is out of touch with all but the 18-percent who actually approve of the job that Dick Cheney is doing by campaigning with him, but now add to that the traveling problems that just got a lot of people in the area pissed off at Clay Shaw. Steve Clemons at The Washington Note has the story:

"Air Force Two flew into Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport late this morning and just shut the ENTIRE airport down.Nothing could leave. Nothing could land.I was there, one of those stuck while our imperial and imperious Vice President and his team, shut down an entire airport.Don't we have enough military bases that Cheney can leave the private sector runways alone?

Cheney was stumping for Republican Congressman Clay Shaw who represents parts of Palm Beach and Broward Counties in Florida's 22nd District. He is considered by National Journal to be the most vulnerable incumbent in Congress.

CLAY SHAW everyone. Cheney was there shutting down the airport, the highways, making many miss connections, at huge cost to the private sector and to taxpayers on behalf of Rep. Clay Shaw."

What I want to know is why neither the Herald nor the Sentinel included the airport closedown today. Why do we have to go to the Washington Note for this info?


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What about Judy Garland and Natalie Wood?

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Fuck You mr cheney !

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