Friday, March 03, 2006

Kane and Able II

Sorry this is late, but have been on a REAL deadline and was on Steve Kane's radio show this morning. It was all about Buddy. It was decent, but I was off my game for the most part. Why? Because this isn't that much of an issue for me anymore. Buddy did a huge no-no at that Republican Club gathering and I reported it. Is Buddy some kind of corrupt demon that must be rooted out? No. But Kane has been railing about this because he's a friend and a source to Buddy (which might help explain those comments about gays in the newsroom).

Here's a few lights, both high and low:

-- Steve opened up by claiming that I wanted Buddy fired. I never wrote any such thing and I pointed that out. So I'd say I got a leg up right out of the starting gate.

-- Steve went after his favorite target, Sentinel columnist Mike Mayo, bringing up that he'd contributed on a few news stories in the past few years. He argued that Mayo is an avowed lefty, so he's in the same situation as Buddy only on the other side. I know what you're thinking, it's a silly argument, since Mayo is 99.9 percent columnist and only occasionally contributes to the hard news side once in a blue moon. I tried to clear it up for the listeners.

-- Kane veered way off course and implied that I was going after Buddy so that my wife could become political reporter. I basically made a joke about it ("Are you listening Earl Maucker?" I said into the mike) and said it wasn't true. It was so absurd I couldn't take it seriously. But I should have pointed out that my criticisms of the Sentinel certainly don't help my wife. If anything it's the opposite. But Kane didn't push too hard because I think he sensed it was a ridiculous point from the get-go.

-- Mary Fertig, a bonafide Steel Magnolia, called in. This may have been the most interesting part of the show. She didn't like it that I said that Ron Bergeron was the Magnolias' "chief political pimp." Kane asked me if I wanted to apologize for that and I answered, "Um ... no." I did tell her that I was mainly talking about fellow Steel Magnolia Ali Waldman, who is extremely close to Cowboy Ron and lobbies for him. But Fertig also acknowledged that she's been allied with Bergeron in the past. On the show, I said the Magnolias supported Crist, based on Bergeron's $8500 spent on Crist's campaign to date. Fertig claimed that she didn't personally support anybody for governor yet. I told her I was sorry if it wasn't the case. Kane then kept on saying that I would have to correct that in the newspaper and I kept telling him that I never wrote that anywhere. Look, this is all going to come out in the wash, but no matter what the truth is, I made an assumption on the air on the Crist-support issue that I shouldn't have made and would never have made in print. Again -- sorry Magnolias.

-- After Fertig was finished, former Fort Lauderdale commissioner Tim Smith called in and said he agreed with me and commented on conflicts between Buddy's two hats as columnist and political reporter. Kane pretty much shut Smith down after that, impying that it was sour grapes for things Buddy had written about him.

-- I told Kane that if the Sentinel political writer had, say, come out as a Socialist and called out the Republicans for bankrupting America for a criminal war in Iraq, he would be going crazy on the issue, calling for the guy's head. Kane, to his credit, didn't really deny it.

The truth is, though, that if Buddy had changed from a Republican to a Democrat and said publicly he did it to support Jim Davis in the governor's race, I would have written the same damn thing, only with different names.

End-all be-all I think it was a fairly interesting show. Now let's move on. Hopefully there's better stories out there, for Buddy, me, and everybody else out there committing journalism.

(And by the way, sorry for the technical difficulty -- I don't know why the site is on the fritz. Or maybe it's just on my end).


Anonymous Barbra Ganouche said...

Kane is a putz amd going on his show just enables the idiocy. You should know better, Bob.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why not go mano y mano with kane? better a journalist face him off than the poor saps he bullies for fun every morning.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Florida Pulp said...

My feeling is that Kane is going to be on the air anyway, so might as well go on there and try to bring some semblance of truth to it. And I'll admit that some of it does come down to shameless promotion. Remember, I come from a free alternative weekly rather than a giant daily. Getting the word out doesn't hurt.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes but Kane's ratings are microscopic. Open your window and shout if you want to get the word out. More people will hear you. Besides, Kane's audience is post-geriattric. Maybe you ought to just stand outside Scoogin's and give out something free — anything. Maybe even New Times.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Church Lady said...

Bob should be proud of appearing on the Kane show. His dry wit, quick mind and quiet courage came through on the radio like they come through in his writing. Bob, never hesitate to go out there. You are right, promotion of your work and paper is important. Kane's Show is well known in this town and followed by more than you may think. . . Do I detect some snobbery or elitist condemnation from the bloggisphere gallery?

8:37 PM  

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