Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Judy Miller Stays In Florida

This just in from Romenesko: Judy Miller isn't taking the AP job after all. Instead she's going to the shady world of Kroll & Associates, a giant mercenary outfit of private investigators. Read her e-mail about it -- it'll just about have you second-guessing your breakfast. Like this line: "When it comes to investigations, Kroll is second to none." She's already doing P.R. before she walks out the door.

There's probably some interesting subplots here, but I'm done talking about Judy Miller and wish her only the best of luck. I made a mistake when I invited y'all to sound off about her. It turned the Pulp into a gossip site rather than the vibrant media news and entertainment forum that it has become. I learned more about Miller than I cared to know and almost none of it wound up on the blog. In the end I found out that she's possessed of strengths and flaws, like the rest of us. Big f-ing deal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Judy can now use her new firm to finally get to the bottom of whoever sent anonymous emails to the Herald last year or the year before from a Yahoo account!

The Herald sued Yahoo at one point to learn the identity of the person that reportedly referred to Judy as STALIN!!!


11:54 AM  
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