Tuesday, February 14, 2006


In my personal e-mail box, I got a promotional ad from the Miami Herald about a new "King Tut After Dark" exhibit. The subject line was "Have you seen Tut yet?"

Two incredible Tut offers from The Miami Herald.
"Florida's Hottest Ticket"- ABC Miami
“A Breathtaking Experience"- J.C. Mena- Miami, FL
The King Tut
The King Tut exhibition has received rave reviews and has already set a new attendance record for Fort Lauderdale. Over 400,000 people have already purchased tickets for this once in a lifetime collection. King Tut will be leaving soon. Take advantage of one of these two incredible Tut offers!

The only problem with the Herald ad: It's full of stinking lies. King Tut (pictured right) is NOT HERE. He has never been here. Nobody around here has seen him yet. And the Boy King won't be leaving either. Because he is not here. King Tut is in Egypt. There have been huge advertising campaigns in the Herald, Sentinel, and New Times, but this is the most blatant lie I've seen about Tut yet. It just goes to show: Don't ever trust the Herald.

(More to Come Today)


Blogger s.m. koppelman said...

I liked the Tutless Tut exhibit, but doesn't the relentless advertorial campaign in the Herald remind you of the promos Gilded Age papers ran touting the educational value of the circus or some tent revival or medicine show?

10:03 PM  

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