Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Pulp Fends Off Sidewindermans

It's not everyday the Pulp is going to consume itself with the previous day's post. In fact, this will almost surely be the last. But the Ira Winderman post drew a lot of comment on a variety of issues. I responded to a lot of it yesterday, but that was pretty much futile. And after today, I'm not going to spend much time at all commenting on what people say. So have at it.

That said, most of the pro-Winderman comments were racked with the "deeply flawed logic" referenced by the first commentator. Now I'm going to tear apart the criticisms of the Pulp's Winderman post:

1. I only picked a couple of critical posts from Winderman's blog to use in my case, but ignored a post that called Winderman a "Riley hater." First off, this isn't Fox News -- I don't need to be balanced and don't aim to be. God help me if I ever aspire to "objectivity." I'll leave that for tables, chairs, and "pro" beat writers. Whoever called Winderman a Riley hater (I'm assuming it's true since I haven't actually seen it) is obviously an idiot. You see, on the Pulp we don't parrot people who are both stupid and blind. Winderman routinely treats Riley -- who could have him fired from his job at Sun Sports in a heartbeat -- with kids' gloves. Anybody who says otherwise has issues that can't be dealt with on the Pulp.

2. One angry poster mentions that other sportswriters have similar deals. I was glad to see some examples. I could be wrong, but I think everybody mentioned -- Vescey, Stephen A. Smith, Wilbon, etc. -- works for ESPN. That's apples and oranges. ESPN is, of course, a huge national company that contracts with the NBA, not a specific team. Winderman is a beat writer who works for Sun Sports which has a contract with the very team he covers. ESPN has commentators who trash teams and players all the time. Sun Sports, because it is so beholden to the teams it contracts with, is purely a booster operation. To compare the two is assinine.

3. The idea that I'm somehow jealous of Winderman or going after him because I compete against him is silly. Number one, I don't compete against him. Number two, I don't know Winderman and wish him all the best personally and in his career. But his work for Sun Sports is ethically indefensible and a conflict of interest. It's that simple.

Look, the be-all end-all is that the guy shouldn't be working for Sun Sports. Anybody who gives a damn about ethics in journalism feels the same way. There's a reason every single post for Winderman was anonymous: Nobody wants to put their name to a corrupt idea.

And so I've used up most of my Pulp time this morning. A couple things that stand out in today's papers: Chan Lowe's editorial cartoon is a gas (you can check it out from a link on the home page of the Sentinel) and the Story of the Day is this terrible tale about the apparent murder of a Curious George writer. Just more proof that the enchantment of youth, as the Pulp always says, leads inescapably to violence and despair. But it reminded me warmly of the good old days, when our cartoon characters crashed after smoking reefer in the evening time.


Anonymous H. Cosell said...

Sports writing is in the toilet, bottom-line, and it has a lot to do with television, including Vescey, et al. I lived in Washington for 10 years and have witnessed a peculiar inverse relationship: The more Wilbon and Kornheiser spew forth on ESPN, the more their writing sucks. They used to be among the best. But all sportswriters aspire now to be talking hacks, up there chatting with jocks in sound bytes. No wonder they can't write decent sentences anymore.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sick that Ira Winderman works for Sun Sports. I'm employed at Cox Newspapers and it's no ideal company but I would bet dollars to donuts that it wouldn't allow that kind of conflict of interest to happen at any of its papers.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous sam eifling said...

Wilbon and Kornheiser may have deteriorated, but -- ah! another inverse relationship: the more ESPN increases their fame, the less the Post really cares about their deadline poetry. They're brands now. Kornheiser hosting Monday Night Football won't improve his column, but it'll no doubt enhance his readership.

1:34 PM  
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