Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lois Frankel And The Ice Dancers

A few stories worth reading in the papers this morning:

-- Buddy Nevins does a good job of detailing the outrageous severance package the North Broward Hospital District is giving outgoing CEO Wil Trower. He's not only going to continue to get his half-million-dollar salary, but he's also getting raises and holiday and vacation pay for not working. Honestly, I try to get away from the district, but they keep pulling me back in.

-- The Miami Herald's Fred Grimm's take on the BSO stats-rigging trial. This is one of those slow-motion car wrecks that nobody can seem to stop (read the courtroom dailies by Wanda DeMarzo and Paula McMahon, too). And it proves that neither Sheriff Ken Jenne nor State Attorney Michael Satz are fit for office. That may sound extreme, but it's just plain true.

-- The Post's Pat Beall and Sonja Isger prove that Mayor Lois Frankel -- or Finkel as I Freudianly mistyped in the original post -- has become a tyrant. Or perhaps she's hitting Division Street. Finkel is trying to make a deal to sell city hall to a hand-picked developer and use the money to buy a new governmental palace. And she formulated the plan during stacked, secretive meetings. Hell, I'm going to go ahead and make this the story of the day. Unbelievable.

Also, check out this correction from yesterday's Sun-Sentinel.

Let's see, two Olympic skating couples get their ID's switched on photos in Monday's Sports section. Standard mistake on the surface. Still, something drove me to dig into it and my investigation uncovered a tape of the phone conversation between skater Maurizio Margaglio and the editor who answered his phone call from Turin.

MM: Hello, Sun-Sentinel?

SS: Yes.

MM: Maurizio Margaglio from Italia, the ice dancer. You had a picture of me and my partner dancing in the Olympics. But it was wrong.

SS: Oh, I'm sorry. Give me a moment. Let me see, oh yes, I see the page here. What's wrong with it?

MM: Well, you got the couples mixed up.

SS: Yes, you're the fellow falling on his face, right?

MM: No, that's not --

SS: -- Actually, you're doing a faceplant into your partner's armpit. Where the poor girl looks as if all her fragile hopes and dreams have just been shattered?

MM: No, you see, that's not me.

SS: Oh. Okay. So you must be the one trying to hold up a young woman you just dropped to the ice like a sack of beef quarters?

MM: Yes! That's me.

SS: So let me make sure we get this right. You're the one whose head is getting twisted in the angry hand of your partner after you threw away four years of incredibly hard work with one slip of the hand?

MM: Exactly! I don't want anyone to be confused. I'm Maurizio Margaglio of Italia, not Povilas Vanagas of Lithuania and I'm dancing with Barbara Pusar Poli, also of Italia, not Margarita Drobiazko, who, like Povilas Vanagas, is from Lithuania. My head is being nearly twisted off my neck by a furious Pusar Poli while Povilas Vanagas is crushing his nose into an utterly devastated Drobiazko's armpit.

SS: When you put it like that, it seems amazing we ever made the mistake at all. I'll correct it immediately.

MM: Ciao!

SS: Sayonara!


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The Herald just reported that the BSO trial of Christian Zapata has been mistrialed. That's a good thing.

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