Monday, February 27, 2006

Bruce Springsteen Used To Be Cool

From the worth-reading file:
-- This story (Of the Day) by Tal Abbady in the Sun-Sentinel about a man who was murdered in his brother's trailer in West Palm Beach. He'd complained about the quality of his crack cocaine to a drug dealer. Abbady gives us great details -- a "pint-sized Virgin Mary" in front of the trailer, a neighbor in his "Sunday church suit" consisting of a pink blazer and striped tie" -- and this quote: "It's like the Night of the Living Dead here," he said of times he's found people roaming the block late at night strung out on drugs. "We had a guy living here who used to ignite a bottle rocket to announce that his shipment had come in."

-- I was tipped by a distinguished reader to this weekend story in the Herald by Andres Viglucci. It's a great piece of reporting on apparent manueverings by the City of Miami to thwart a bid to stop a condo project on the Miami River. What I like about Viglucci is that he understands the nature of politics.

-- The stories about the man who killed three people for their money in both the Herald and Sun-Sentinel were right up the Pulp's alley and have been pretty well done. But in the inaugural article by Brian Haas on the Sentinel's front page Sunday, the fellow is called a "serial killer" by an FDLE guy. The Herald used the same term. From the Internet (which is never wrong):

"Definitions of serial killer:
-- someone who murders more than three victims one at a time in a relatively short interval

-- Serial killers are individuals who have a history of multiple slayings of victims who were generally unknown to them beforehand. Their crimes are committed as a result of a compulsion that, in many but not all cases, has roots in the killer's (often dysfunctional) youth, as opposed to those who are motivated by financial gain (e.g. contract killers) or ideological/political motivations (e.g. terrorists). Many times, this compulsion is linked to the individual's sexual drive."

This guy only has three under his belt (that we know of) and he did it for money. He's no serial killer. Just a particularly virulent sociopath and thief. And his girlfriend (pictured right) is promptly being added to my "Scariest-Looking Bitches of All-Time" file.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
And for the Headline of the Year (So Far) Award, we go to the story on burglary (yeah, it's that general) in the Sentinel on Sunday: "Burglars know all the ways of getting into your home." The lede, by Nicole T. Lesson: "It can take a burglar less than 10 minutes to get in and out of your home -- taking along some of your most valuable and sentimental items." Let your mind play with that one the next time you're having trouble getting to sleep. Incidentally, Lesson is the same scribe who penned the story last month under the headline: "Report Unusual Activity." It's all part of the Sentinel's new "How can we increase your vague sense of paranoia?" ad campaign.

Lastly, I also had to include this photo that was published in the Palm Beach Daily News (and which I saw via the illustrious Stuck On The Palmetto). He's definitely not in Nebraska anymore.


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