Friday, January 27, 2006

Pigs and More Pigs

On this baseball bat beating thing, relentless crime beat reporter Wanda DeMarzo had this story in the Herald about the homeless beatings. She reports that Hooks and Daugherty left town on the morning of the beatings between 9 and 11:30 a.m. Here's my question: When did the videotape of the beating first air on TV? What I want to know is if it was videotape that prompted them to leave town. I assume the answer is yes. Wanda?

DeMarzo also had this article about another BSO deputy fired for falsely clearing crime reports. Another day, another scapegoat. Powertrac generated a culture of fears and lies -- and it was meant to produce low crime numbers to advance Ken Jenne's political career. Quit ruining lives, Michael Satz, you coward, and arrest the top brass that were responsible for this debacle, including the sheriff himself.

Give it up to the Seminoles ... these guys know entertainment when they see it. First airboat rides, then the casinos, and now this: Dog-Pig Fights. Depends on the individual dog and pig, but all things equal, I'll put 20 on the oinker, man. Those things are wily and tough as mules. Can I get a hells-yes?

Pretty slow news day locally, but the story of the day goes to Wanda's counterpart at the Sentinel, Brian Haas, for his report on the shooting of a crazy old man. Listen, if a naked old man in a nightgown winds up in your house looking confused, try not to shoot him. The next one could be your own grandpappy.

(Sorry for the late post: Had a morning stand-off with Steve Kane. See comment below "Kane And Able.")


Blogger Florida Pulp said...

This just in from the inestimable Wanda DeMarzo:

"Bob, police believe Daugherty and Hooks found out that there was video of them beating Jacques Pierre and that prompted them to flee. By 9:30 a.m. it was public that there was video, according to police.

Wanda J. DeMarzo
Law Enforcement/Investigative Reporter, The Miami Herald"

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Jim Greenhill said...

Bob, I don't think you should confine yourself to South Florida. I for one would love to know what you make of this whole James Frey/Million Little Pieces deal, on which I feel certain you'd have a compelling point of view. And I know there are other examples on the national level that you'd be good on. Keep up the good work!

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Hans said...

Leute lieben Kriminalgeschichten und Krimi-Nachrichten, als ob jeder ein Krimineller wäre

3:25 PM  

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