Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kane And Able

If you're up in the morning, I'm going to be on the Steve Kane Show at about 8 a.m. That's 1470 AM. It should be good, especially since I'll be on with Broward Times reporter extraordinaire Elgin Jones, who has busted up many a scandal in this corrupt burg.

Kane, you might know, used to be on the school board's diversity committee where he kicked up a lot of dust over gays. I don't agree with him on much, but I got to admire the way he speaks his mind. All the time. I just got off the phone with producer Brian Craig and he was like, "Uh, is it fair to characterize you as a liberal?" I told him I don't like either party and am conservative on some issues, but I probably fall on that side of the ledger more often than not. He was like, I'll take that as a yes, so you two will have a lot to talk about. Let's get ready to rumble, then.


Blogger Florida Pulp said...

How did the Kane show go? Good question.
The beginning was flat-out stupid, since Steve began with this line of questioning: "Why is it that rapists and child molesters and killer always vote Democrat?"
I stumbled around a little before finally asking, "How about we just fight. I'm ready to go."
But hey, I gained a new respect for the man -- he's an effective rhetoricist (is that a word?) and he actually seems to sincerely believe what he says. Even though he's usually dead wrong.
Me, I'm a bullish subject, so we rammed heads for the better part of an hour, with Broward Times reporter Elgin Jones joining in. I dealt with facts and Kane dealt with tricks he's learned over a couple of decades of talk radio, most of which I thwarted, some of which hung me up a bit.
He wanted to slam Mike Mayo and I told him I thought his big beef was with Spongebob and Elmo. You have to know the history of Kane on the school board diversity committee to get that, but it was one highlight. Responses I've heard ranged from, "You kicked ass" to "How could you let him abuse you like that."
I'd like to spar with him again, just to keep in fighting shape.

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