Monday, January 23, 2006

Does this amuse you?

Let's see, Joe Pesci comes to South Florida for a getaway. Joe Pesci orders a wheatgrass drink at Jamba Juice in Boca Raton on Sunday. A Broward Community College student spots Pesci, runs to a nearby Circuit City, buys a camera, returns to Jamba, and takes a shot of Pesci. Pesci then takes a shot at the student, punching him in the face. The college student then turns the camera on himself to document the evidence (a fat lip) and goes to the police.

Was it really Pesci? We're not sure, but it sure seems likely, according to the Sun-Sentinel article by Leon Fooksman (that's a great name). People heard things. And saw things. Pesci made himself known to the good people at Jamba before the incident. And the Palm Beach Post's Stephanie Slater reported that Pesci was also recently spotted dining at Gotham City in Delray Beach.

Fooksman's piece is, without a doubt, the Story of the Day, especially after he got from the student that he's still a huge fan of Pesci, even though the great actor (underrated comedy-wise, I think -- you seen Easy Money lately?) went all Raging Bull on his ass. "I may have gotten him on a bad day," the student said.

It's sort of disapppointing, though. Whatever happened to stabbing a guy to death with a ballpoint pen? Or putting a poor sap's head in a vice until his eyes pop out? Hell, Pesci once beat a man to death for telling to go get his shine box. He's slipping. He's definitely slipping.

Open the Door for Dorismar

This is Dorismar. She's a former Playboy Playmate and, according to this morning's Miami Herald, a "sexpot ... blessed with copious curves and a seemingly boundless capacity to promote them." The problem: She was deported back to Argentina for overstaying her visa. The solution: She's vying to get back in as an "alien of extraordinary ability." One can only imagine. Here's the point though: Reporter Casey Woods' story about Dorismar is the kind of article you get occasionally in the Herald and the Post but almost never in the Sentinel. A story that, in the broad scheme of things has little importance, is a bit obscene, might tick off a religious conservative or two, but is damn fun to read. Woods virtually wallows in Dorismar and he's got himself a real good read to show for it.

On a Sad Note

It's not all fun and games. I direct you now to to this story by Carlos Frias in the Palm Beach Post that ran Sunday. It's about former star MLB pitcher Jeff Reardon, who went off the deep end and robbed a jewelry store in Palm Beach Gardens last month. That's normally something I'd have some fun with -- it's total Pulp after all -- but it's too weird. It's a bad day when you can't make fun of a rich jock gone off the deep end, but damn, damn, damn, it's sad, man. Sad and weird.

And the no-shit headline of the week (from the top of the front page of today's Sun-Sentinel): "More of us can't afford home prices."


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